Saturday, August 9, 2008


So far this has been what's keeping me going this morning. I really didn't wake up well and it sorta pisses me off but, I made a deal with myself that I quit being angry. I forget sometimes but I keep trying. A lot. The neighbor dog (pick from one of the various selections) was barking before 6am this morning. And, as stated previously, I have been waging a war against high electric bill's and have the house opened up. It really is quite tolerable and pleasant but the side effect is that you can hear everything that goes on outside. I wake up if a flea farts so it wasn't a very pleasant "wake up" for me today. But, I quit being pissed right?

I had a great egg concoction this morning with green peppers from the garden, fresh spinach (not mine), 2% cheese, and crumbled sausage. I know it will wreck havoc later on but DAMN it was good. It made me think of one of my favorite recent dinners with Bob earlier this Summer. Actually, what really is the lowdown is that I saw a couple walking earlier on the Kent Island Cross Island Trail and got a little teary for the better half. Then THAT lead to missing him real bad and then, THAT made me think of the great two weeks we had together in July and then, THAT made me think of the great dinner date we had at home one beautiful evening. Shesh I'm bummed out right now. Okay. Back to my orignal point which was talking about a great dinner Bob and I had one evening with sliced beef and fresh farm stand tomatoes. That evening, I had stopped by Perkins produce outside of town and picked up some yummy tomatoes. Earlier I had procured a London Broil, arugula, and Maytag blue cheese at the grocery store. Bob and I are great fans of the one plate meal that we can just dig our forks into and drink a great glass of wine with. Here's how we pigged out that night (it's real simple):
Summer Romance on a plate
1 London Broil, grilled med-rare
2 or 3 Fresh farm stand tomatoes, sliced
Maytag Blue Cheese
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Fresh cracked pepper
Sea salt (I used my Oak-smoked Chardonnay Sea Salt...YUM)
Bogle cabernet Sauvignon 2005
1. Open Bogle to breathe
2. Slice London Broil thin, after resting 20
minutes. Slice tomatoes into thick slices.
3. Sprinkle arugula onto a large platter. Spread the tomato slices on top of arugula and season with cracked pepper and sea salt to taste. Arrange the London Broil on top of the seasoned tomatoes and sprinkle bleu cheese over the beef.
4. Season with balsamic vinegar and olive oil over entire platter to taste. Add more cracked pepper if you prefer.
5. Pour a glass of Bogle for you and your sweetie.
6. Eat and drink like a hedonist. Retire from the porch to the bedroom.

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