Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life in miniature

Can you believe I finally figured out this morning that if I get the damn tripod out of the closet I may be able to have the camera stand still better when I take a picture. What an ingenious idea! Classic case of procrastination.

I LOVE this mini colander that my sister-in-law, Lisa, gave me. I had these peppers in the garden that were "not thriving", so to speak, and I thought "how CUTE!". My son had to ruin my "artistic time" and question me as to why I had a jar of mustard in the background. Crap, I don't know! Contrast and size. Yea, that's it. Contrast and size. I'm not sure if he bought it. Then I felt like a moron.......

I'm still scratching my head over dinner for tonight. I could have a whole wing of the public library and it STILL wouldn't be able to accommodate all my cookbooks and magazines. The crying shame is that I'm staring at them and nothing is coming out and bonking me on the head for a dinner idea. Dinner through osmosis.

Note: (8-14-08)

I've finally started that wonderful ricotta-zucchini cheesecake. The evening I was going to make it turned into sushi night and I wasn't going to turn that down! Then last evening Bob had to go suddenly out of town and I didn't feel compelled to cook anything. In fact, I hunkered down at Big Owl's and enjoyed happy hour. I did get a purple stain on my boob due to the Cabernet I was drinking but the problem was solved with some soda water which turned the purple to a nice blue that matched my shorts. Problem solved!

I shredded the zucchini which turned out to be approximately two medium-sized zucchini. I salted the shredded zucchini and then wrung it out as best I could. After getting the phone call from the hubby for sushi and drinks, I put the zucchini in a plastic container, covered lightly with lemon juice, and plunked it in the refrigerator.

I chopped up the scallions and garlic and shredded the Parmesan cheese. The garlic and scallion went into the fridge in a zip-lock baggie. In fact I had already mixed the egg and cheese into the ricotta so I just covered the bowl with plastic wrap and plunked that into the fridge as well.

Two days later I started again.....I added my own zing to the recipe and added 1/2 cup sliced artichokes, 1/2 red pepper (from a jar), and 1 Tbsp. fresh chopped oregano. Yum! I can't tell you how good it smelled in the oven!

The finished product. I browned it under the broiler a bit too long but, in this house, I don't think it will matter. It smells outstanding!

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