Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy days are here again

I haven't done much lately with technology. I didn't turn my computer on for nearly a week. Now that's something. For me. I was out of commission and nothing much was happening for me. Because I am tired of re-hashing my idiocy I will just say that Laura fall down and Laura go boom. Laura busted her ass and she wasn't pretty. Almost ruined the hubby's birthday for which I am embarrassed and mad about.

Since I thought the other picture I took of my ricotta-zucchini cheesecake looked, well, TOO toasty, I snapped another after it cooled and was cut. My guys enjoyed this AND I will make it again. The thing I like about it is it's flexibility. I'm definitely going to put more artichoke in it the next time and will experiment more with the cheese's too.

It's a beautiful windy day here. My chimes are tinkling gently which has lulled me into a pleasant mood. Nice change from last week. As I am prone to doing mid-day, I am contemplating dinner. I went to the grocery store (finally) yesterday and have two things I have no idea why I picked up and bought. All the same, something must've motivated me and now I'm excited about what to do with these items. First, I grabbed tofu. The problem with me is that I read sooooo many great recipes and then certain ingredients stand out. Then I forget which recipes I had been so crazy about but have the ingredient. I KNOW there is something out there to be made with tofu. I just have to remember what it was. Second, I bought a bag of frozen shrimp. They were on sale and "something different" so in the cart they went. My challenge today is to find a grilled shrimp recipe for dinner. I'd prefer to grill since it's so nice outside and the house won't adopt any "seafoody" smells which will RUIN my husband.

I love it when I find a really good recipe so I'll be sure to share what we had this evening. Who knows. Maybe I'll create one all by my little self.

P.S. Oh and I'm eating bread again. It's just too delicious. Screw it.

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