Thursday, February 5, 2009

Planning an adventure

Oh my gosh I'm dreaming of Spring. I love everything about Spring: hikes, planting new vegetables, sitting on my patio enjoying a glass of wine, wandering with my camera, the smell of farmer's plowing their fields....etc. These poor tomatoes above were from last season and I have a new lofty goal of having the BEST tomatoes this year. This includes really preparing the soil properly and having a more established plan of plant locations in my little space. I recently saw an advertisement that really piqued my interest with experimenting with new products. Part of me, the pessimistic side which I try to hide, thinks that the product is a bunch of horse-wash but the other more "optimistic" side thinks I'd really like to order it and give it try. The Topsy-Turvy upside down hanging planter has been on my mind since I saw it yesterday which then gave me, almost, instantaneous Spring fever. Bob gave me the "ok" when I brought it up last night so I've been squirming about it ever since.

I'm traveling to Chestertown today for an appointment and thought I would explore a restaurant that has also piqued my interest as well. Brooks Tavern popped when I was exploring the Slow Foods Baltimore website. At least that's where I think I found it. So anyway, I'm off to Chestertown after I finish here (and fix the mop-head) with my camera in tow for a fun field trip.

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