Friday, February 6, 2009

Up waaaaay too early

I can picture Bob and I "later in life". Two old birds strolling the beach in the pre-dawn hours because they can't sleep. I was thinking "beach" and "warm" while sitting inside my cozy house and it's 19 degrees outside. The picture above is from our last trip to Hilton Head South Carolina, in the pre-dawn hours.

So what to do early in the morning when there's no beach or warm temperatures to occupy the sleepless? Browse the internet of course. I brewed a pot of coffee (NOT condusive to going back to sleep) and reviewed my Yahoo page. I subscribe to a web page called The Consumerist and it had a great link to a coupon web site that I thought was pretty informative. Since I'm trying to be a more conservative home cook and housewife I was pretty excited....I guess it doesn't take much to get my engines fired up.

I went to Brooks Tavern yesterday afternoon (whoops that doesn't sound like I'm being economical does it?) and had lunch. I can say that I was intrigued by my experience and that I liked the environment. The menu was varied and interesting and it was hard to pick from the fresh salad selections or the local beef burger (which is obtained via St. Brigid's Farm). The rustic place wasn't a bad experience but it wasn't the speediest either. The poor server tried his best and Barb (I think?) hurried around making sure the gradually filling tables were satisfied. I got the impression there were some "regular's" there as she appeared familiar with a few diners. She definately lightened the load a bit as it appeared there was only one waitstaff for the cozy room. The spinach salad I ordered was satisfying and was served in a quantity that was plentiful and pretty to look at. The fact that this restaurant participates with local venders and growers appeals to me in a very "colonial" sense. I love the idea of knowing where your food comes from, establishing a relationship with local food artisans, and making all of it work together in a thriving business for the public.

So there you have it. I forgot my camera in my haste to get out the door but I won't make that mistake again. I definately wanted to have a field trip (it was partially accomplished) but didn't get to visit the fledgling vineyard that is located in between Centreville and Church Hill while on my way home. I wanted to stop yesterday but the lane looked a little too muddy for me and, well, nature was calling.

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