Saturday, November 15, 2008

This time last hoo

This was our breakfast last Saturday. Or, the beginning of our breakfast at Killahevlin in Front Royal Virginia. Tom, one half of the hosting team of Tom and Kathy, began our morning meal with vanilla custard filled tartlets, fresh berries, a melon ball sized scoop of homemade strawberry ice cream, and finished with a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Bob finished his meal with homemade whole wheat apple spiced pancakes and sausage. I had the sausage with 4 minutes eggs over whole grain toast. Just delicious! Tom was a beautiful host and accomodated my selfish request for the four minute eggs. Lucky us had our breakfast before the power went out. Tom definately had his hands full that morning.

Here's a freaky view from the front porch through the leaded window into the parlor.

Stained glass off of the back dining area.

On our way out to the parking area. Charlotte was busy the night before.

Tom outdid (is that a word?) himself Sunday morning. I mean OUTDID himself. This, my friends, is Killahevlin-style Eggs Benedict. Tom made a waffle which consisted of cheese and herbs. It was orgasmic. I love Eggs Benedict but this by far was the best I've EVER had. Tom was so accomodating and served everyone, which consisted of five couples, fresh hot breakfast. We started with poached pears which were delicious. These, apparently, were Kathy's speciality. As we found out the night before though, Kathy is laid up in the the Plum Cottage Suite (being tended to by Tom) recovering from a total knee replacement. We all wish her well. Bob and I had a beautiful weekend and WILL be back again!

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