Monday, November 17, 2008

Some more fabulousity

The rear view of Killahevlin Bed and Breakfast

Bob hit it out of the park, yet again, for a wonderful wedding anniversary. Eighteen happy years full of growth, excitement, and friendship. I'm lucky to have him. He made reservations at my most favorite place in the world, Killahevlin Bed and Breakfast. Owned and operated by Tom and Kathy it is located in beautiful Front Royal Virginia. Bob had booked the Blue Room, in the main building, two years ago and we never forgot the experience. This time he booked the Raspberry Room. It's the room featured on the front page of the link above. A beautiful large room, I never wanted to leave it. We become friendly with few other couples who were staying at Killahevlin to take advantage of the weather-friendly hiking trails that are in the area that weekend. Two couples, specifically, came to re-visit their favorite restaurant Apt. 2G. Bob and I, regretfully, did not have an opportunity to eat there but it's only one more reason to come back to Killahevlin once more. We ate, instead, at the bistro underneath, and affliliated with, the restaurant Apt. 2G. Called Element, it is owned and operated by a duel-chef married couple. This was a great late afternoon lunch break and was, luckily, filling after wine tasting for three hours earlier.

The Host and I at Element (aren't we fabulous!?)

We stumbled upon a book signing at the book store across the street from Element. Bob and I had the pleasure of meeting Lynne Johnson Lewis who is an author, poet, and humorist. She pleasantly signed two books for me, Cousin Birdlegs, and we visited and laughed with each other for about 30 minutes.

Some scenes from the car. The weather was unseasonably warm and the temperature actually peaked in the upper 70's on Saturday. The massive rain storm that was projected to come right for us was kind enough to skip around the area. It was a convertable-top down kind of day. Bob and I hated every minute of it.

Bob and I met many wonderful people that weekend. From seeing Tom again to meeting Phillip at The Wine and Duck we had a rich variety of people to eat and laugh with. The new wine and cheese shop on Main Street, Vino E Formaggio, provided entertainment in the form of Tory and Dennis. Light hearted friends whose carefree manner belies the fact that these men love their jobs and have a deep knowledge of wines and cheese. Bob and I had a lovely evening in our suite eating the delicious spoils from the store in the form of a creamy blue cheese, fresh sausage, and a delicious red that Dennis picked for us himself. Later, we enjoyed drinks and an appetizer, The Capri which was delicious, at the Lucky Star Lounge after leaving the cheese shop. The atmosphere was younger and the Oyster shooters that the lovely staff provided were sweet, spicy, and outstanding. Dennis sauntered over clutching his prized bottle of Mead and poked around a little with the owner and some of the wait staff. One can certainly assume that this is a friendly and close little town.

The best memories are of morning's in Killahevlin's dining room which was a pleasure. Tom, minus Kathy who just had a total knee replacement the Monday before, tended to each table professionally and with friendly charm. The chatter between tables livened the mood and the food was without fault. Breakfast, the owners relaxed charm, and the setting is enough to lull me back time and time again and to recommend Killahevlin to anyone who's willing to listen.

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