Monday, March 8, 2010

Fried hard boiled eggs "Lucullian Style"

I decided to play with my food during a past snowstorm. Since the natural food store where I work sells farm fresh local eggs I had an abundance of them in the fridge. I had seen a recipe that caught my attention from Lucullian Delights which was Fried Hard Boiled Eggs and thought it sounded crazy and tasty enough to try. They were delicious!

Basically all one has to do is hard boil as many eggs as you think you may want to slice and fry. I used a shallow dish sprinkled with some dry bread crumbs and a dash of Jane's Crazy mixed up salt and then gently pressed the bread crumbs on both sides of the eggs. I used a shallow non-stick fry pan with a tinge of olive oil nicely heated through to quickly sear the lightly breaded eggs to a nice golden crust (about 3-4 minutes each side). After rummaging through the crisper in the fridge I found some organic fresh spinach and leftover olive oil/Dijon mustard dressing in the fridge door. I sensed a twist on an old spinach salad theme! After compiling everything together on one plate I have to say I was glad I tried Lucullian's recipe....even if it wasn't exactly the same.


Robert said...

The photo and your description has made me crave this food right now. I have bookmarked your site. Nice work.

Wineaux said...

Thank you Robert! I visited your site too!