Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mrs. Weeks went to Key West Florida

Man! I LOVE the warmer weather! When you live in Maryland you have winters but sometimes they're crappy winters. Some years there's actual snow. Some years it's the ice storm from hell. Other years we're blessed with a nice icy cold rain and mushy mud with a touch of salt spray to nicely coat the bottom of your car. Beautiful.

My point. The hubby and I just got back from Southern Florida and the weather caused us actual physical pain when we exited the plane in Baltimore on Monday. Our bodies seized into a crouch-like stance like we had cramps when walking the jet-way and it only got worse when we got to baggage claim where the doors leading outside were in a constant open position. Now that I'm back in the cold on a regular basis my body has tempered and it doesn't bother me as much but the memory of Florida still pervades.

What sticks out the most, besides the weather, was the food. Let me begin with it being fresh. To be able to eat that fresh on a daily basis would curl my toes. I have few pictures of the food that I ate because I was too wrapped up in eating it. From fresh sardines, ceviche, stone crab, conch salad, my husbands surf and turf eggs benedict (great choice honey), to my grouper from Louie's (happy birthday Jonathan!) I was in heaven. Our dear friends told me they visit the farmers market whenever they want. Mine closed in October. I'm so jealous.

The following are snaps from our recent most favorite vacation with great friends, awesome music, and heavenly food.

I have to back track a wincey bit and say that the Chesapeake bay area in the Spring, Summer, and Fall is one of my favorite places too. I have too much nostaglia tied up in this area to not love it. Bob and I have raised our son here and we have dear friends as well with whom we've shared many memories. There are awesome restaurants and bars with people who work in them that have become our friends too and we would miss them very much should we move on. I think my problem is the intoxicating warmth, sunshine, and overall great food that is a constant year round in the great state of Florida that has me currently smitten. Smitten like a kitten.

(One more thing: If you get a chance to watch Jonathan Birchfield play you had better go)

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