Monday, October 20, 2008

The end of the season

This morning it was 38 degrees. There was frost covering everything and I felt a sudden panic that my basil was in terrible terrible danger (which it was). I had picked the vegetables in the picture a few days before and thought it was best to document the last of the garden bounty since Mr. Frost had decided to visit and was apt to come back again soon. I feel little pangs of guilt that I didn't do more with the garden this year, but to satisfy myself, I say I didn't do too bad either. I managed a batch of pesto and dried a TON of parsley before I ripped it up.

I have a shitty cold that continues to keep me from having a restful sleep. I'm definately a nose breather when comes to nestling down for the night and it's hard to keep one nostril open so I can zonk out. It switches sides too. I'll wake up at 3am and have to get the OTHER nostril unclogged so I can breathe. At least Bob doesn't have to suffer with me right now.

I tell myself I should have posted my chicken tortilla soup recipe but I didn't take a picture of it. It was the perfect solution for my crappy cold. Easy too. I have leftovers so I'll post it tomorrow.

I decided that I'm going to give Bread Baking Babes a whirl this month too. I saw a post on Lucullian Delights about Challah bread so I thought, why not. I've been eyeballing their posts for a little while now and think I can work up the courage to participate. There's no way I'm in the same league as these talented ladies but I'm going to give it a try! Tomorrow I'm popping over to Sara's page (she's the host this month) for the recipe and instructions. Anyone else game to try with me?

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