Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Local Fresh Market in danger of closing

It seems I never budget my time properly enough in order to keep up with this blog. Then there comes along something that really catches my attention and I want to go on the record and say something about it other than on Facebook.

Dr. Mowry's Fresh Market on Kent Island offers the public fresh local food every Tuesday evening starting around 5-5:30pm and running until 7pm or so. I had the pleasure of wandering around a few weeks ago and couldn't believe the large turnout. Parking was at a premium I assure you! But now, I just recently read, there's a danger of it closing due to poor turnout. Curious.

Here's the link to the article I read. I think it would be a shame for residents to lose touch with their local food sources. As I continue onward in my food journey I realize it's becoming more and more important to learn where my food is coming from, the conditions the food were raised in, and the values of the people who raise my food.

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