Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feels like Monday

It's only Tuesday but I'm a little thrown off. I almost forgot I was volunteering this morning. I'm sooo glad I remembered because I would have felt like an ass if I hadn't shown up. Labor Day weekend was very enjoyable especially since Bob was home. I made my s'mores recipe and it really wasn't that hard to do. There were a few "tweeks" since the original recipe for the graham cracker balls were a smidge too oily when being rolled (and burned like hell in the palms of your hands). I cut the butter to 1/4 cup and then they were too crumbly. So I added 1 Tbsp. whipping cream and that seemed to solve the crumble problem.

The chocolate cups were a bit too big and the sides melted when I drizzled melted chocolate over my finished confection. I would would definitely use marshmallow whipped topping on top of the finished dessert too. Not enough marshmallow on the inside of the graham ball for me.

I also made some chocolate dipped pretzel rods which my nieces gobbled up. Well, one ate the entire thing and the other sucked all the chocolate covered sunflower seeds off. When she was done the pretzel rod looked like a poo stick. She had chocolate all over her face which later wound up on mommy's nice white towels in the bathroom. I wasn't sure, for a split second, what the hell was smeared all over the corner of the bath towel when I went to use the bathroom.

Bobs going to be late this evening and Kevin's flexible when it comes to food. I was going to make a recipe I found on Lucullian delights for eggplant but I guess I'll wait until Bob's home for dinner. I was so excited when I saw the smaller eggplant in the grocery store today.....I just knew I would be doing something fun with them. And thanks to Ilva I can't wait to start, tomorrow night.

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